15th Anniversary of Rice Lake –Žamberk Partnership

September 19 – 27,2008

Suggested schedule:

Date Programe Comments
19(Fri) Arrival to Prague, Zamberk
20(Sat) Home stays’individual program, evening meeting for a drink at the Fialas (e.g.options:Litomysl, Pardubice, HradecKrálové, Castolovice castle, Zamberk environs,etc.)
21(Sun) BusTrip to Moravia- sightseeing castle Lednice, wine tasting for the guests and hosts
22(Mon) Zamberk-Zamberk City hall reception, Touring Zamberk schools, institutions
23(Tue) Jablonné n.Orlicí, Letohrad(school and businesses excursions)
24-25 2 Day Trip to Poland
AUSCHWITZ - 2WW concentration camp, muzeum of holocaust
KRAKOW – royal city dating bact to 965, former Polish capitol, birthplace of the Pope Jan Pavel 2nd, population of 830.000
26 (Frid) Free time in Zbk, open to any ideas, Farewell party with a program for all the host families and guests in Letohrad (Nový Dvůr-4p.m.)
27(Sat) Departure for Prague at 8a.m.
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